UFB Fabrication Strives to have the highest quality on every sign we fabricate. Our 5 – year warranty is 4 years longer than the industry standard. 

UFB Fabrication warrants to the original purchaser that UFB Fabrication products, excluding electrical components, electrical systems, and neon glass be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal conditions. Upon shipment or installation of said products from UFB Fabrication for (5) years

Electrical components & systems will be covered by the manufacturer's own warranty. Please contact UFB Fabrication if you have any electrical issues with the sign. (see warranty procedures)

Neon glass is warrantied to be in working condition at the time of pick up. We cannot warranty it any further due to conditions outside of our control such as improper handling.

UFB Fabrication shall have no liability or responsibility for any damage whatsoever caused by improper handling. UFB Fabrication hereby disclaims any and all other warranties, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The only warranty with respect to UFB Fabrication products as described in this exclusive warrant. No oral or written representation shall extend UFB Fabrication exclusive warranty beyond that described herein.



For electric sign outages call UFB Fabrication before starting the service call.  This will allow us to file a claim with the component’s manufacturer. Give the location and we will pull all information from the job along with wiring diagrams, product details, and service procedure. If you do not have parts available locally, we will have the parts in stock. Signs must be documented by U.L. number, elevation, and serial number. We require photos to be taken of the failed part or repair.  We need to see the electric conditions, to determine if water intrusion is a possible cause. All parts will be replaced with like parts/brand to honor the manufacturer’s warranty. UFB Fabrication will have the exclusive right to determine whether a defect is covered by this exclusive warranty. For example, Hanley covers the labor up to $125.00 on power supplies and $300.00 on LED’s.